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Our Bulk Message Service

Bulk Message means to reach large audience by sending large volume of messages. You can send messages in bulk quantity without spending hours on your mobile phone.

It is one of the quickest method to advertise & promote by using any device in bulk at a single click and doesn't require any technical skills.

Our bulk SMS software can be used to send mobile alerts, transaction messages & all promotional messages at very effective cost.


Our Services

Services in Bulk Messages

Transactional Messages

It is a non-marketing automated text message that companies send to support their audience along the customer journey.

Promotional Messages

Promotional messages are used by businesses to advertise a product, event, or special offer to there customers.

Location based Data

We provide Location based data with almost every categories. Provided data is a genuine data based on specific audience.

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Our Promotional SMS Service

SMS which are used for marketing is called Promotional SMS. It is one of the best & cheapest marketing method. You can promote your Brand, Offers, Product, Event Publicity, Festival & Event Wishes, Sales and create Brand Awareness in a single click.

Ank Developments provides Promotional Bulk SMS Marketing to business or others. We have 2000 + registered customers.

  • No sender Id
  • Schedule SMS
  • Contact management
  • Send SMS in any language
  • DND numbers not deliver
  • Instant delivery & Quick reports

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional route can only be used for sending transactional SMS such as OTPs and alerts to your registered users. Messages can be sent 24x7 from your 6-character Sender ID(s).

Transactional SMS Messaging is always a better way to connect either to individuals or to the targeted audience in bulk. Transactional SMS service is mainly used for direct interaction between business & consumer.

The content of SMS decides its category usually transactional SMS are such messages that contain authentication email, delivery updates and password reset messages.


Our Price Table

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Promotional SMS


0.12 paisa / SMS

+ 18% GST extra

Total Amount : 56640 Rupees

Transaction SMS


0.14 paisa / SMS

+ 18% GST extra

Total Amount : 35400 Rupees

Best-In-Class Delivery. Guaranteed.

Our company is committed to provide Best-In-Class Delivery service to our customers. We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences.

  • Intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway routing technology
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy
  • Direct connectivity with multiple telecom operators

Our services are designed to improve efficiency and productivity of our customers' business.

Clear, honest pricing with NO hidden charges.

Get an instant customer support for expert help for any query or problem.

Our Whatsapp Messages Service

Bulk Whatsapp marketing Service is a modern and efficient way to deeply connect with your target audience for daily updates, new offers, product and greeting messages. It is a great way to increase your business and attract potential customers.

These messages can be sent by software or IP Address. Our software is automated sender build on top of the official Whatsapp Business APIs and send directly from pc / laptop in very simple & effective way.

Our Bulk SMS Services to Increase Leads, Sales, & Revenue

Bulk SMS and Internet SMS is a protocol that enables interchange of short text messages between handheld or cell phone devices, even when a different protocol of communication is being used.

Moreover, users tend to read every text that is received on their mobile device, while they ignore the junk mail, spam and adverts they receive through mail.

  • # 1600+ Dashboard Delivered
  • # Supportive Team
  • # User-Friendly Dashboard
  • # 1500+ Happy Clients
  • # Efficent Data provide

Advantages of our Bulk SMS software

  1. Target specific messages to specific target groups.
  2. We can set up bulk SMS facility in your systems .
  3. Computerized databases for carrier-wise subscriber.
  4. We have developed brief, highly effective & response evoking messages.
  5. Our service includes metrics & analysis to keep you informed of progress and returns.
  6. We guarantee positive results on massive scale backed by our guarantees.
  7. Our system is useful for Schools, Retailers, Agents, Doctors & Hospitals, Banks and other companies.


why are we right choice


100% SMS Delivery

SMS will completely deliver on given data with delivery report.


No Setup Fee

We charge only for SMS. No setup fee or extra money is demanded.


100% Secure & Fast

Our server provides fast SMS gateways with Secure service.


Check Delivery Report

You can check current and previous data delivery reports.


Easy Use Dashboard

Using our dashboard is very easy with many useful features.


Scheduling Messages

Easily schedule your messages to deliver on particular date & time.